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We supply a wide range of clinical treatments and compensation solutions. There now is just no reason for you to walk around with that nagging ache or pain. Call us now for a quote (713) 664-5599
Clinic Treatment 
The clinic specializes in the front and back office of a number of injury scenarios.  Our programs help our patients return to a full and productive lifestyle both at home and at work.  No matter the physical injury we guarantee increased strength, endurance, movement, flexibility and motor control. We offer digital muscle and fitness testing in order to get full picture of our client's physical state.  This is an excellent way in numerical form to track your progress and achievements.  Depending on the personality type we have found that some of our patients work better in groups or individual therapy sessions, so we offer both for your well being.  Your physical strength plays such a large part in rehabilitation and injury repair.  Ultimate Choice for that reason offers daily planning sessions and daily workouts.  There are many components to a successful recovery, that's why we also offer functional activities, relaxation exercises and physical conditioning programs.  Now all you need to do to improve your physical state is give us a call! 
Better Care Starts with You!
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